Burge Smith Lyons

Global Keynote Speaker & Trainer for Leadership, Empowerment & Communication

Burge is a keynote speaker in the areas of leadership development, personal and professional relationships, empowerment, kids and teens, communications, corporate training and so much more. She will tailor her presentation to your unique needs, drawing on her 40 years' experience as a motivational keynote speaker and trainer. She is the Conscious Leadership Academy founder and has taught thousands of men, women and children on 6 continents.

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Read Burge's article The Spiritual Level of Forgiveness in The Owl magazine. There are many levels of forgiveness, but the one Burge discusses in this article is the highest level; unconditional forgiveness and the realization that there is nothing to forgive.

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Burge's Keynote Speaker Guarantee:

I will create a unique, powerful and valuable meeting experience that exceeds expectations, inspires positive change and improves the performance of participants.

Most Popular Presentation Topics:


Learn how conscious and subconscious self-talk can block people from meeting their aspirations, and how they can identify and release these limitations.

Business "BubbleTalk"

Raise the performance standards of your team by motivating each individual to commit themselves to excellence, prepare for adversity, overcome their fears, and build trusting relationships in their personal and professional lives...all to improve your bottom line.

Relationship "BubbleTalk"

Overcome limiting and negative self-talk to help strengthen and renew relationships, including your relationship with yourself.

Prosperity Through Emotional Healing

Use SuperLearning to help you identify the blocks that are keeping you from obtaining higher levels of prosperity. Get tools to shift your beliefs about money and success with Burge's logical and emotional/intuitive intelligence to quantum-leap current thought. Learn how emotions can both improve and limit your prosperity.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Veterans and other survivors can be freed from the effects of PTSD by disengaging deeply entrenched fight-or-flight responses. This will enable them to more effectively reintegrate into their homes, family, work and society.

Overcoming Divorce

Get tips and techniques to help your family and children heal during and after divorce. Burge is a board member on the National Parents Rights Association, which works with parents and children going through high-conflict divorce cases.

Essence Of Being

Learn, through experience, how to understand the relationship between giving and receiving, along with why people get stuck due to fear. Burge redefines fear and personal responsibility, lecturing on contrast and clarity (what you want and what you don’t want). She explains how to pivot from the undesirable without resisting, how to get unstuck, and how to trust.

Participants identify and shift patterns and unconscious beliefs regarding love, trust, fear, commitment, relationships and personal responsibility.

Orbiting In Love

Learn how The Law of Attraction and The Law of Appreciation work in regard to relationships. Redefine commitment and learn the difference between falling in love and orbiting in love, as well as a new way to attract more loving relationships to self, others and the Universe.

Speaking Your Truth with Compassion

Experience your authentic self and learn how to take personal responsibility. Leave feeling empowered and more confident in trusting yourself in business and relationships.

Essence of Courageous Leadership

Learn how to create synergy and communication with your team, take responsibility without blame, and train your business leaders to be more effective by acting on purpose and with integrity, to demonstrate what they expect from others.

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World Parliament on Spirituality Conference 2016

Keynote Speaker Testimonial

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"I've been to many self-development workshops through the years and was blown away by the brilliance of the Essence of Being workshop with Burge Smith-Lyons.  What made this workshop so different from others was the masterful experience we were taken through, allowing us to experience each aspect of our essence and providing powerful tools for moving through our own, and often unknown, resistance.  Thank you Burge and the entire team that came together to support the transformation and freedom I've experienced."

Nancy Matthews, Speaker, Author & Founder of Women's Prosperity Network

Interview with Burge

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Contact: 01-888-400-5566 or Burge@EssenceOfBeing.com